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28-Nov-2019 06:23

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"My husband of 13 years always accused me of being frigid because I never had an orgasm with him," she says.

"After we split up, I definitely learned I wasn't frigid. Which was fun." The women marvel that virtually all of them have had distressful sexual experiences.

These sores and cuts can increase the risk of getting STIs.

Do not use Vaseline or mineral oil with condoms because it destroys the condom lining.

Many older adults are remaining or becoming sexually active.

This is because of better health among older adults, longer lifespans, more open attitudes toward sexuality, internet dating, and the availability of medications like Viagra and estrogen products.

How do I manage being a parent and a sexual person?

Can I feel sexually satisfied if I don't have a life partner?

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And some symptoms of STIs or HIV, such as tiredness, can be mistaken for age-related health problems.After wrapping up the discussion about self-touch, during which Tuttle encourages students to "think about sensuality broadly and not shut off the pleasure of getting to know the whole body," she and her coteacher, Michael West, an economic development project manager in the Texas A&M University system, explain the next exercise: a sexuality timeline.(OWL facilitators are trained over three days, and the program is typically team taught, usually by a woman and a man.) Thirty feet of newsprint is rolled out across two long tables. The men are assigned one sheet; the women, the other.Sex can still be satisfying but will be different from younger years, and might need to be adapted for current age, disability, illness, or surgery-induced body changes.

Those born before the 28-week mark were more than three times less likely to have sex, the University of Warwick study shows.… continue reading »

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