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07-Apr-2020 10:12

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Although we're all pretty busy, sometimes it feels like we're going from responsibility to responsibility with no rest in between.If the two of you are very stressed out or very busy, it could have a negative effect on your sex life.Asking yourself this checklist of questions might help you narrow down what's happening enough to talk to your partner about it and see how to work through it.

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It is important to communicate your sexual needs and wants, and be open to talking about it."Dr.

Even though most couples know that the speed of their sex life might slow down as they get more comfortable, that doesn't mean they don’t start worrying if it actually happens.

It's common to feel worried about sex in your relationship, and just as common to want to work on it.

If you and your partner are both OK with the fact that your sex life has slowed down, then it could just be that you've managed to find a healthy sexual relationship that works for you as a couple.

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If nothing else sounds right and you still aren't sure why the two of you aren't having sex, there may be something underlying in your relationship that just isn't coming to the surface enough for you to discuss it. The best thing you can do is "recruit a task force" that will help get your relationship back on track.Sex in a new relationship is always pretty fantastic: It happens constantly, it's exciting to discover each other's bodies, and the two of you usually can't get enough of each other.If you're really lucky, the sex can last that way well into a long-term committed relationship, and you'll live happily sexually ever after.If you're having less sex because you're just not prioritizing it, then here's an easy fix: Prioritize! Make it extra special for you."It sounds weird, but scheduling sex can actually help get you in the mood — it gives you something to look forward to.

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