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24-Feb-2020 19:11

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"At the very, very end of the credits, we had him going and killing an infant version of Hitler.

[We] decided that was a little too harsh — not killing Hitler, but killing a baby." The scene was shot and included in a test cut, but audiences didn't react as favorably as the filmmakers originally envisioned.

"I would like to share my disappointment with the MPAA, who thought it was necessary to censor a woman's sexuality once again," she said during a series of angry tweets, compiled by "The scene where the two main characters make 'love' was altered because someone felt that seeing a man give a woman oral sex made people 'uncomfortable' but the scenes in which people are murdered by having their heads blown off remained intact and unaltered," she added.

"This is a symptom of a society that wants to shame women and put them down for enjoying sex, especially when (gasp) the man isn't getting off as well!

"Almost the entire third act had to be drastically altered," Craven told in 2011, he was surprised to find the censors in a far more lenient mood.

dating my daughter sex scene-70

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Just weeks after the first trailer (which included clips from a scene where moviegoers are gunned down with machine guns in a Chinese movie theater) started airing, mass murderer James Holmes opened fire at a Colorado cinema during a midnight screening of "The Aurora shooting was an unspeakable tragedy, and out of respect for the families of the victims, we felt it necessary to reshoot that sequence, and I'm proud of the fact that we did," Fleischer said at a ). Miller, who plays Deadpool's best friend Weasel, was also present at the event, and said (via follows enthusiastic white blood cell Osmosis (Chris Rock) and cold medication pill Drix (David Hyde Pierce) as they attempt to save their human host (Bill Murray) from a deadly virus.Needless to say, there's a long history of filmmakers forced to make tough decisions in post-production in order to get their movie into theaters, and the films that have ended up undergoing changes aren't always the ones you might think.We've peered into Hollywood's past to round up some of the more memorable instances in which movies underwent last-minute surgery in order to avoid upsetting audiences."The sexual act connected childhood and adulthood," King explained.

"Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues." Leading lady Evan Rachel Wood had nothing but good things to say about her co-star Shia La Beouf after filming the 2013 feature, but had some stern words for the Motion Picture Association of America after viewing the final cut.Fortune often favors the bold when it comes to making movies, but just because a film's director is willing to push the boundaries of decency in the name of making compelling entertainment doesn't always mean they're guaranteed to get away with it.In fact, sometimes they end up paying the ultimate price and watching bits of their hard work snipped away and left on the cutting room floor before audiences even have a chance to see it."I think that we didn't compromise the film or our intent, and I think the [new] Chinatown sequence is really well done, and that we should all respect the tragedy and not draw associations to our film." definitively proved once and for all that there's a market for R-rated superhero films. The movie tanked with critics and audiences, and whether the footage that was removed from the final cut would have made much of a difference is hard to say, but it certainly would have made a lot more sense had it been released intact: earlier drafts explained the absence of Ozzy's family and how William Shatner's Mayor Phlegmming ended up out of office.

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