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28-Mar-2020 07:04

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I liked Will, but there was a lot about him that I didn’t want in a relationship.We continued to see one another, but we were explicit about keeping things casual.Being on that side of the situation made me realize the tragic mistake I’d been making with men when I was younger.

I marched back into the bar, sat down next to writer guy, and ordered myself a drink.

As much as I liked Will, I knew that there were a lot of ways in which we’d never work as a couple.

The passion that made our sex so good also meant we bickered regularly.

And while we’d go out to shows and bars together, we agreed that we'd hang just as friends. He’d sing me Johnny Cash songs in a thick southern accent.

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He hung all of the shelves in my apartment, cooked me chicken and dumplings from scratch, and, real talk, was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. One day, Will told me that he’d met someone he was interested in pursuing seriously, but that he’d end things with her if I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.

When I got to the bar to meet my first date, I spotted a really attractive, broody guy in the corner, scribbling in a notebook.