Dating site for sex offenders

22-Apr-2020 01:47

Moreover, fewer than one in four incidents of sexual assault are ever reported to police, and survivors have a host of valid reasons as to why they may choose not to formally report.

Neither Tinder nor its parent group Match responded to MTV News’s request for comment as to whether the companies are currently taking steps to more actively inform its users about consent; laws regarding sexual assault vary from state to state, which can make it hard to regulate dating apps that provide their services nationally or internationally.

For nearly a decade, its flagship website, Match, has issued statements and signed agreements promising to protect users from sexual predators.

The site has a policy of screening customers against government sex offender registries.

Most dating apps contain language in their TOS that absolves them of culpability should someone act in bad faith against another user.

That much fine print does little to assuage many users’ valid concerns about safety.

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So how did Plentyof Fish allow such a man to use its service?

Of those dozens of companies, only Match purports to conduct background checks on users with any regularity; most of the companies that provide free services, and are ostensibly the most accessible to users, do not.

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