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Additionally, by linking the device to your i Cloud account, you can further manage it by displaying the mobile device’s GPS location and getting i Messages from the child’s i Phone or i Pad, for instance.While all of these restriction options seem great, they have limited practical use unless you happen to have 24/7 access to the device and want to spend a lot of time managing each child’s device interaction.

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One can imagine a parent of a child in China or Dubai may have wildly different views of what is and is not appropriate than a parent in Atlanta, or Rio. Apple needs to appeal to the masses, and so it does a good job to make its i Phone and i Pad parental controls easy to use for everyone.

If this is the case, Apple’s built-in parental controls are less likely to solve your needs.

Consider for a moment the following family scenario as many of our parent-users often do: Now try to imagine a parent managing their access and internet time! What categories of websites should they be allowed to see? Do they use their i Phone while they are driving or learning to drive?

When it comes to parental controls for i OS, and we will describe the 7.x features, (8 is coming out shortly and will have some more bells and whistles), Apple does ok, but still forces either too much or not enough options to the parent.

Restrictions are i OS specific options located under the Settings | General menus.Create your free account and add your family’s Apple i OS or Samsung devices to your account in just minutes. They are elegant, easy to use, and the functions that we have grown to love and take for granted are rarely duplicated.Get immediate access to all premium features for two weeks. Going back from the first Macs to the latest generation of i Pads and i Phones – Apple has always been a design king.For more information please review our cookie policy.