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19-Mar-2020 13:52

Now designers find the good level of contrast to make the navigation visible and legible instead of marking out special zones with another background.Such an approach supports the feeling of the integrity of all the layout.Hero images are not a kind of modern-day invention: for recent years, they have been used for making web pages clear, elegant, catchy and meaningful.No wonder: hero images improve perception as most users notice and decode images much faster than words, so the picture is not only the element of attraction but also an informative part of the page, providing a quick visual message about the content.For example, informative and catchy taglines have shown growing presence as a part of web interfaces, especially in landing pages.The website of a construction company is based on animated interactions and color contrast with the tagline.

Creating this kind of graphics is quite a challenge that requires specific skills and artistic eye; also, it’s time-consuming.

The peak of the summertime is the time not only for holidays but also for the look back at what has been popular for the first half of the year.

So, today we’ve gathered our traditional review of hot UI design trends in 2019: let’s check what has been popular in user experience design for websites and mobile applications.

A video activates several channels of perception — audio, visual, sound — simultaneously and enhances them with a power of storytelling.

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That makes video content meaningful and memorable especially if based on high-quality graphic design and animation.With non-stop progressing technical improvements in the sphere of web development, video backgrounds for web pages aren’t seen as a great challenge anymore.As well as the integration of diverse video content into the web layouts.In particular, they are helpful for marketing goals and increase brand awareness efficiently.

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