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24-Apr-2020 04:45

You can also share physical details (height, eye color, hair color, body type), as well as religion, language, education, and so on.It’s definitely the best app for creating a thorough profile.(And perhaps I’m just showing my age when expressing a desire to meet people in real life instead of through apps, as is the millennial way.) After all, a number of social networking companies are today exploring the idea that people are turning to mobile apps to make friends, not just find dates.

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The basic profile includes space for a headline, about me, about my match, hobbies and interests, and even a first date idea, which is unique and interesting.Having just returned from an overseas vacation where I “partied with” a number of locals met spontaneously while out at concerts, bars and other events, I can’t quite wrap my head around the need for a dedicated app for travelers wanting to meet locals to hang out with — doesn’t this just happen naturally?But that, at least in part, is the premise behind today’s official launch of Party With, a revamped version of the app previously known as Party with a Local.Even if you aren’t quite sold on its social aspects, it could serve as a way to find out what’s happening in a city you’re visiting.

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PartyWith's new app is part event-finder, part friend-finder. PartyWith, a revamped version of the app previously known as Party with a Local.… continue reading »

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These apps to make friends will help you form friendships and find. get local news, and form relationships with your fellow residents in an.… continue reading »

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