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10-Mar-2020 10:16

If there's never any adverse recourse from fabricating them then do just that - make them all up.Make sure you record them though as they may be required for identification purposes later on, for example your date of birth is requested as part of an account unlock process.Ashley Madison is a perfect example of that and many people were shocked at just how many identities were contained in the data, identities that then caused a great deal of grief for their owners.I want to talk about practical, everyday things that people who aren't deeply technical can do to better protect themselves.========================================================================= *\ Menu Color \* ========================================================================= */ .top-main-menu li a /*!========================================================================= *\ Shopping cart olor \* ========================================================================= */ .card-icon i /*!If you're a budding Edward Snowden then you'll need to go much, much further.

It's a well-known identity attribute, it's unique to you and there are multiple ways of discovering if it exists on a given website. Also consider how you fill out the following form when you create the account: These attributes won't show up on other sites where the address is used, but they can start to surface in other places.One of those ways is obviously when data is breached from a system and all the email addresses are on easy display: address. It's not always that explicit either, for example Ashley Madison returned slightly different responses which could still be observed. For example, when doing a password reset: If you authenticate to another site using your Gmail account (social logins are increasingly common), then you may be prompted to share data attributes such as your name with that site.When you create a set of personally identifiable attributes such as those in the Gmail signup screen above, there are all sorts of ways that info can be leaked.Gmail (or equivalent - there are many other free online mail providers) gives you a full blown email address and obviously requests a lot of info in the process.

Adult Friend Finder Needs to Find a Friend in Endpoint Security. Adult Friend Finder, an online “dating service” and its affiliates were hacked in.… continue reading »

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