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Also unlike the Womanizer and Satisfyer, this one isn't great for attempting multiple orgasms.The vibrations are so powerful it would probably leave your clit in a coma.While its competitors aim to get women off quickly—and do a damn good job at it—the Lelo Sona Cruise aims for more sustained pleasure.And it succeeds too: My orgasms from this one take more like four or five minutes, rather than two or three, but they follow a very distinctive arc.Big porn site list including the most famous and the most up to date porn sites for the year 2019.This adult website selection has been created with the goal to keep collected all the world-known adult websites.

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( being the operative word—contrary to popular belief, vibrators can't actually permanently desensitize you.)Another downside is that the whole thing, including the nozzle, is pretty hard plastic.

I'd tried vibrators like this before and let me tell you, The Lelo Sona Cruise, a sleek pink and gold "sonic massager" with different vibration modes and intensity settings, and a head that looks like a little mouth, is a true game changer.

Unlike other vibes, you don't need to move the Sona Cruise at all—place the mouth over your clitoris and it does all the work for you. A deliciously good orgasm without having to lift a finger.

Around a minute or two before climax, my vagina starts having singular contractions spaced a few seconds apart, each of which feels like its own mini orgasm.

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I'd describe the process as more of a hill than a mountain with a sharp peak.The Satisfyer and Womanizer are pretty alike, but the Lelo Sona Cruise provides a different kind of pleasure that's not really better or worse, merely suited to different needs. I'm going to cover all my bases and keep one of each in my bedside drawer.PS: If you already own the Sona Cruise and want to try out more Lelo products, the brand is offering up to 50% off sitewide through December 6.Documents The Post obtained after a three-year legal battle show why both were destined to fail.

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