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18-Nov-2019 02:55

” It’s a question that comes up often, albeit tentatively, exposing some of our deepest insecurities about our intimate relationships.Few of us haven’t wondered at some point: How much sex should we be having? Is our relationship doomed if we aren’t having enough sex? These questions are inherently flawed, because how often we are having sex doesn't address whether or not that sex is good, bad, or dissatisfying.In a study of over 30,000 Americans, published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers examined the relationship between how often couples reported having sex and whether that related to their reported level of happiness.The researchers concluded that couples who were having sex once a week were the happiest, while couples who reported having sex two, three, or more times a week were no happier than those having sex once a week.Numerous dating experts will advise people to hold off on the sex until they’re in a fully committed relationship—if that’s what they’re looking for.Some women fear that having sex too soon can jeopardize any chances of having a relationship.But just how important is sex in a new relationship? Or do you go with the flow and go with the intense sexual energy flowing between you two?And, how much sex should you be having in the beginning?

The Most Common Response Before addressing the different frequencies of sexual activity, and what that means for our relationship and sexual satisfaction, it's worth noting the most common frequency of sexual activity that average couples report having in bedrooms across the nation.

But the truth of the matter is, if someone truly likes you, they’ll stick around whether you have sex one date in, one month in, or one year in.

Regardless of when you have sex, it's pretty much a given fact that when two people who find each other attractive start getting together, sex is probably going to happen at one point.

The Potentially Problematic Response The study described above, which focused on sexual frequency and happiness, did conclude that those who were having sex less than once a week reported lower levels of happiness than those having sex once a week (or more).

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But according to other studies and experts on the topic, there is a considerable range of lower than average sexual frequencies.

But having lots of bad sex isn’t going to make anyone happy, nor is it going to leave you feeling satisfied.

A lack of intimacy can damage a relationship, but it doesn't always. Under certain circumstances, a sexless or low-sex relationship may. You can even take turns setting the date so it's not always the same partner initiating.… continue reading »

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