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18-Dec-2019 15:46

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New technologies are revolutionizing the way people have virtual sex. It’s almost as if they’re asking you to bone in there. Tipping the attendant might get you a little longer.Long gone are the days of chats and suggestive text. Teledildonics are gadgets (like dildos, butt plugs, and other sex toys) that your cyber partner control over the internet. The best position for a Ferris wheel is the love seat.If you’ve never experienced nuts roasting on (or near) an open fire, you’re missing out.

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It’s a two-in-one; you can both jump up there and get the benefit of one machine. You can have some real fun when you’re in a place with no rules or reservations. You could be bumping uglies in a glass box, exposed to hundreds of people.

The glow of your lover’s skin, glistening against the soft hues of yellow and orange.

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