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29-Jan-2020 23:45

For instance, one user might not know much about another offline, but he might know little things about him from having scrolled through his geotagged social media page.

He might even recognize him from his profile photos walking down the street, or in the audience of, say, a recent panel about digital content by and for the queer community.

Yet their scope and reach in the queer community are hard to overstate.

Since the 2009 launch of Grindr, the first and most ubiquitous of the set, gay dating apps have racked up north of several-dozen million users in some 200 countries (including Cuba! Grindr says that its users average 54 minutes on the app per day.

From the French Alps to New Delhi, it’s encouraging revelers to use gayness as an entry point through which they can traipse to faraway places.

The gay social-networking app Hornet, too, has been hosting live events.

Dating apps for gay men don’t have the greatest reputation.

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The pro-Kremlin government in the long-contested region had begun rounding up and abusing dozens, if not hundreds, of alleged homosexual men. They involuntary outed many others to their families in a region where the sexual orientation is considered taboo.

In many respects, this isn’t too different from the late 1990s, when online chatrooms cracked open a universe for curious queers that had previously been mired in mystery.

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