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06-Jan-2020 19:51

And an overwhelming majority – 76 percent – say they want to be married someday (80 percent of male respondents and 71 percent of female respondents).

So it seems safe to say that most students actually Privately, students told me they would love to have the sexual and emotional benefits of a committed relationship. ‘Most relationships at the RUG are about comfort, not commitment.

Even says if he had met ‘the one’ along the way, he wouldn’t have committed.

Which is pretty typical, says Valeska, a German master student.

‘For example, I’m thinking about pissing off to Zambia for eight months’, says Benjie, a 24-year-old from Britain.‘I don’t want to owe anyone anything.’ Prioritising personal freedom might be lonely, he says, but it’s necessary.That’s why so far, he’s avoided relationships at any cost.But I was wrong; the picture is a lot more complicated than that.

In an anonymous survey, 78 percent of students said they would prefer to be having relationship sex than any other kind.Many RUG students say they are reluctant to rush into long-term commitments while they’re young.They know that early marriage is a major indicator for divorce, and that divorce can be a real shit-show.I want one, but I have no idea what that even means.’ Ben, an AI student from Ireland, thinks RUG students are just being practical when they hold commitment at arm’s length.

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