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A great deal more tech coverage and scrutiny are given to Facebook for making minute changes in privacy policy than are given to sites like OKCupid, though the user-submitted material in OKCupid’s databases makes the typical Friday-night Facebook post look positively Amish.

When users tell their intimate secrets to OKCupid, they do so with an expectation of privacy.

It’s believed that a promised pair should share at least eighteen matching points in their thirty-six-point , in addition to moon position.

Users are presented with questions ranging from the humorous (e.g., “Have you ever murdered anyone?

”) to the personal (e.g., “How often are you open with your feelings? The most provocative questions are extremely personal, dealing with sexual preferences, interests, boundaries, and history.

Of themselves, these do not help or harm humanity, but offer a lawful channel for the outward operation of cause-effect equilibriums which each man has set into motion in the past.” Today, most of us in technologically advanced societies view arranged marriage as an inherently chauvinistic practice seeing as its goal an exchange of daughters (mostly) for property or alliance formation and quite separated from anything resembling love.

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The history of the practice in the West would support that view.Social convention biases the results because throughout most of Indian history it was customary for individuals to marry within their caste.This ensured that couples had similar socioeconomic backgrounds and a wide web of mutual affiliations, two factors that have been proven to be predictors of marriage longevity. Today, we use better instruments and more complex math to map the movements of planets.All of this formulation is based on careful observation of planetary movements.

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