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Have the conversation Start early – before puberty – to talk to young people with special needs about their bodies and how they are or will be changing.Use words they will understand and teach them the proper terminology for body parts.Young adults with brain injury, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other developmental disabilities have social needs and experience sexual feelings just like everyone else.

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Private time, private space Help your child understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in public places.

Practice Before that all-important first date, encourage your child to practice initiating conversation, offering another person something to eat or drink, or paying someone a compliment. Did anything troubling or confusing happen that she would like to discuss?

You may want to create a social story that includes some “dating details” that he can review and practice before the big day. If she is not comfortable talking to you, help her find an appropriate adult to talk to.

Family Services also provides individual and group counseling to students.

May Institute is a nonprofit organization that is a national leader in the field of applied behavior analysis, serving individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities, brain injury and neurobehavioral disorders, and other special needs.

(Staff at special education schools and other programs your child might attend should also be preparing for and addressing behaviors that often accompany adolescence.) If he engages in inappropriate sexual behavior in public, try to redirect his attention to another activity.

Mindfulness refers to the ability of the individual to purposefully bring attention and awareness to the experiences of the present moment and.… continue reading »

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